We specialise in express
road transport

Owing to an extended fleet of 150 vehicles we are able to load your goods all over Europe in only 1.5 hours after receiving an order.

There are no typical tasks in Trans Europe; a trip from Helsinki to Barcelona or from Bucharest to Edinburgh is our daily bread. We travel everywhere! When our truck embarks on its journey, it does not return to its base in Poland after completing one transport; it continues its journey to other European countries until, after 3 weeks and thousands of kilometres, it gets to the initial point, calling at Dover, Bilbao, Marseille, Torino, Zagreb and many other cities on its way.

Apart from international transport, we also offer domestic transport services in European countries, taking into account local rules and regulations. This is an ideal solution in the situation when local carriers are unable to meet special requirements or are unavailable.

Shipment of hazardous goods is equally as common to us as the shipment of envelopes with documents, pallets or goods requiring adjustable temperature ensured by cold stores. All of these shipments have one thing in common: your things are important to us.

Selected travel times

Paris - Barcelona
13 h / 1022 km
Milan - Hamburg
20 h / 1356 km
Naples - Amsterdam
32 h / 1844 km
London - Munich
19 h / 1107 km
Munich - Brussels
10 h / 747 km
Katowice - Dortmund
12 h / 948 km
Vienna - Birmingham
28 h / 1691 km

Location of our vehicles

Latest update: 20.07.2024

You can trust us!

We offer tried and tested solutions in carrying express shipments. We are always there whenever you need us; where time and quality matter.

Owing to long-term and multi-dimensional experience, we go beyond standard transport services. We give an immediate answer to enquiries and a wide range of solutions tailored to customer needs.

We check shipment carefully at each stage of its transport; we remove any potential risks to smooth service provision and we send status information on a current basis. Already 15 minutes after unloading we send a scan of the signed CMR document to your email address!

We take care that all our customer’s wishes are fulfilled 100%. If you want your unloading to take place at 1:00 p.m., you can be sure that this is what will happen. The driver will arrive at the right spot 15, 30 or 60 minutes earlier and will wait until the time set by you.

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